The objective of the Integrated Maritime approach call launched last October 2013 by the Med Programme is to establish a new relevant partnership that will contribute to implement the Med Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 and thus to build a valuable bridge between the two programming periods.

Priority AXES
In coherence with the “Blue Growth” perspective promoted by the European Union and with the potential for development that marine and maritime economic activities in the Mediterranean can offer, the Med Program organized this last call into four priority axes:

  • Maritime innovation and Economic Development (priority 1)
  • Environment Protection, (priority 2)
  • Transport and Accessibility (priority 3)
  • Governance and policy response (priority 4)

To fulfill these expectations, 14 projects were approved in April 2014 and sorted by priority axis so they could contribute to establishing a comprehensive state-of-the-art (through different tools such as gap analyses, maps and studies) for the whole programme area and sub-regions (e.g. the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region). In line with these incentives, the ultimate goal of the call is to propose concrete orientations such as action plans, recommendations, and guidelines for potential future key projects and initiatives in order to strengthen the Mediterranean as a dynamic socio-economic area.


In the frame of this last call, and of its short duration, the Med Programme wanted to experience a new approach in terms of communication and capitalization in order to optimize the delivery of transversal political guidelines for its 2014-2020 renewal. Financed under priority 4, a single integrated communication and capitalization strategy is therefore currently being be carried out by one centralizing and horizontal project: COM&CAP MarInA-Med.

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