"What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?" - Termoli

Capitalisation Seminar #1

October 29/30, 2014
Termoli (IT)

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Background information

General information on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
- Regulation (EU) n° 1380/2013 - Basic regulation of the Common Fisheries Policy - ITENGFR
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 
- Regulation (EU) n° 508/2014 - Regulation on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund - ITENGFR
Adriatic-Ionian Region
- Communication concerning the European Union strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) - ITENGFR

"What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?" aims at creating an informal platform bringing together the key stakeholders in charge of shaping, financing, and implementing fisheries and aquaculture policies across the Adriatic-Ionian basin. This informal platform represents the first step of a technical and political follow-up of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). It also should lead to the setting-up of a win-win approach built on a concrete dialogue addressing the European Commission (DG MARE and DG ENVIRONMENT), the European Parliament (PECH Committee), Regional and national governments, representatives of the fisheries sector, NGOs, scientists, as well as members of territorial cooperation projects dealing with fishing, aquaculture and environmental issues.

During the seminar debates on the content of the CFP, participants will take turns presenting examples of best practices (e.g. sustainable fishing practices, tourism activities related to fishing, co-management of marine protected areas, etc.). In addition, an interactive session will be developed by representatives of the Med-IAMER project with the aim to validate the methodology behind the exercise of analysing the impact of human activities in marine environment of the Adriatic-Ionian basin. Finally, aiming to enhance the development of an integrated Maritime Policy in the Adriatic–Ionian basin, the seminar will cover the theme of EU cross-border and transnational cooperation.

In this context, dialogue with non-EU Member States will be ensured through the participation of the members of the Fisheries Committee of the Euro-Adriatic-Ionian Region. The seminar "What Future for Fisheries in the Adriatic-Ionian Basin?" will be organised with the financial support of the European Commission in the framework of the projects COM&CAP MarInA-Med (MED programme 2007-2013) and ADRIGOV (IPA programme 2007–2013).


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