Towards a Maritime and Coastal sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean area

On the 13th of May it took place in Firenze the 5th Capitalisation seminar organised by Arco Latino and the Tuscany Region under the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project “Maritime and Coastal Sustainable Tourism, a key for the blue growth”. In the same line the previous day it was held the final conference of the MITOMED project under the title “Challenges and Perspectives for Coastal and Maritime tourism”.

The Capitalisation event create a space for a debate among the Med Maritime Integrated projects - 9 of the13 projects were involved - and exchange points of views and experiences with other project and initiatives. The debate was focused on how to enhance a maritime and coastal sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean area.

In this sense, it was opened the reflection on how to move towards a more sustainable and qualitative Maritime and Coastal tourism. It was said that to assure a sustainable tourism when the tourism flows and pressures increase it is necessary to find a balance among the impact on the region’s economic development and on the environment, natural  and cultural resources and the local society. This through finding a common definition of sustainability and

In this sense it was outlined that one of the key assets for blue growth is preserve and valorise the environment capital focusing the attention on how  protection and blue growth could cohexist and be combined specially in Marine Protected Areas.

Moreover, being a transversal sector, tourism is interrelated with other economic sectors and maritime activities, such as fishing, cycling and agro-food, and therefore an integrated approach of this sector is needed in other to assure sustainability. Tourism also plays a key role on the Maritime clusters by contributing to the enhancement of the blue growth.


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