MED Programme at the Crossroads of programming periods

The MED Programme is now on the edge of finalizing the programming period 2007-2013 and opening the doors to the new MED Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

In this sense, the integrated maritime approachcall links the  two MED programming periods as the 13 med maritime projects were selected to establish a comprehensive state-of-the-art for the whole programme area and sub-regions and to propose concrete orientations such as action plans, recommendations and guidelines for potential future key projects and initiatives in order to strengthen the Mediterranean as a dynamic socio-economic area.

The COM&CAP MarInA-Med project (MED Programme 2007-2013) responds to the innovative request of the MED “integrated maritime approach” call for an horizontal project to take care of the communication and capitalization activities of the other 13 approved projects and play a strategic role in Med programming for 2014-2020 through the promotion and exploitation of technical resuls turned into political messages.

The successful preliminary results of COM&CAP MarInA-Med have allowed to build a concrete bridge between both programming periods of the MED Programme. This COM&CAP first pilot experience as a horizontal project has therefore been very useful to help defining the new MED Cooperation Programme, and will keep doing so until the end of its implementation period (June 2015). 

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