"Deep into the maritime approach" & MED Maritime Video Library

Thoroughly linked to the MED Maritime Policy Paper, the MED Maritime Video Library aims to give an overview of the work realized by the Med Maritime Projects over 2014-2015.

Based on more than 80 interviews of Med Maritime Projects representatives, relevant stakeholders on maritime issues, EU, local and regional institutions, 17 short video clips present and convey the core messages and outputs results supported by the Med Maritime Projects during the several capitalization seminars organized throughtout the year. They give a picture of the political framework and provide short reportages dealing with the main maritime issues of the Mediterranean Sea as the basin environmental status, blue growth, and governance, which the Med Maritime Projects have been working on.

How has COM&CAP MarInA-Med been working to ensure more efficiency, reinforce the impact, and produce specific synergies between the 13 projects and external key stakeholders? The video library answers this question by presenting an overview of this innovative methodology, based on the first horizontal project experience that has been put in place by the MED Programme.


Finally “Deep into the Maritime Approach, is a short documentary telling the story of these one-year Med Martiime Projects on maritime issues. In more details, it addresses the reason why the MED Programme launched an integrated Maritime call, why its Joint Technical Secretariat decided to bet on clusterization and projects community building, the lessons learned from this first horizontal project experience, as well as the intensive work carried out by each single project. The motivation and enthusiasm of all the people involved in these projects, who believe in ONE Mediterranean Sea and support its sustainable development. To achieve this objective, the great challenge before the whole of these stakeholders is now to enhance their work together and in an integrated way.


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