Launch event of the Med Maritime Projects - COM&CAP MarInA-Med

Launch event of Med MaritimeThe launch event of the 14 Med Maritime projects selected in the frame of the MED "integrated maritime approach" call took place July 15-16, 2014 in Marseilles, France.

Organized by the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project, the event gathered more than 80 participants from the 14 projects, representing research centers, regional and local authorities, private entities, and port authorities, among others.

The event aimed to present the Action Plan detailing the communication and capitalization activities to be implemented toward the promotion of Blue Growth, while starting the cross fertilization dynamics foreseen by the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project to begin the exchanges of information to capitalize between the projects, foster future synergies, and promote the integrated maritime approach of this last call.

This launch event was the first contact between the projects. Activities such as a speed-dating experience (91 meetings in total for the projects to discover each other, their respective objectives and deliverables) and five thematic working groups (to be linked to various communication and capitalization events throughout the whole year) allowed the 14 projects to start reflecting on how crossing their activities, outputs and advocacy actions, could contribute to the integrated promotion of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

The representatives of the Med maritime projects manifested their satisfaction concerning the development of the event, as for the possible synergies to be put in place in the future, in order to enrich and increase the impact of the projects results.

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