Round Table 2: Integrating Maritime Economies

The Blue Energy sector was presented as an economical driver that would participate to the enhancement of maritime economies in the Mediterranean. To promote its implementation and development in the Mediterranean, the Med Maritime Projects as ENERCOAST, SMART-PORT, BLUENE and MERMAID presented their contributions and recommendations for the development of the sector.

Encourage the development of off-shore energy

The development of off-shore energy is an asset to promote as in the Mediterranean, there is still an important gap of blue energies development in comparison to the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea. Off-shore energy is indeed a valuable source of renewable energy and presents a great potential for development in the Mediterranean basin. Efficiently coupled with other sectors, their development would be a determining key for the Mediterranean market development and job creations in the maritime sector. 

Need to empower the Administration and Strategy plans

Transnational and territorial Cooperation is needed between Local and Regional Authorities, Research institutions, agencies and enterprises for the development of a strong blue energies sector. The creation of multi-sectorial clusters would, in part, facilitate the governance of maritime economies while contributing to the implementation of the Integrated Maritime Policy and enforcing an efficient Maritime Spatial Planning.

Optimizing energy consumption in the Mediterranean

The maritime economic dimension needs to be conjugated to the ecosystemic approach for a balanced development of maritime economies. Synergies can be created with monitoring systems as industrials and ports. Mrs. Charo Camacho, coordinator of the SMART-PORT project focused on the idea that more innovative technologies should be developed, in support to the blue energy sector. Indeed, despite the high potential for blue energy development in the basin, there is still a need to optimize energy efficency and performance in the Mediterranean.


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