20 April 2015 Messolonghi (Greece)

The meeting starts with the welcome of Nikolas Petropoulos and the vice Mayor of Messolonghi in charge for local development.  He talks about potentiality of the area and of the lagoon for sustainable tourism and confirms its commitment for the exchange of experience and good practice transfer to develop fisheries related tourism in the area of Messolonghi laguna and to capitalize on achieved results.

LP presented the most relevant administrative and financial issue and the CIHEAM -IAMB updated and reminded all the partners the incoming events regarding dissemination, communication and capitalization.

In particular the Med Maritime projects final conference of May 26 in Barcelona was reminded where all the partners should participate and actively contribute showing the project results and achievements.

IZOR presented the draft results of the Environmental Report aimed to collect data on the environmental monitoring of fisheries related tourism activities.

Some data are missing from EUSAIR countries the report will be completed in the next days.

ERFC presents and summarizes the Foresight exercises done by the Partners since the last meeting in December when it was  discussed the methodology (3 foresight exercises has been organized in each Country).

Finally the LP showed the Adriatic and Ionian action plan grid and the related index, later the PPs discussed the grid with first shared inputs.

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