Highlights on projects outputs and synergies

MEDIAMER: "Reducing human impact on the Med environment" 

In synergy with the COM&CAP MarinA-MED event (Termoli, October 2014), Med-IAMER held its first stakeholder consultation workshop to discuss and validate its preliminary results for the Adriatic and Ionian ecoregions. Stakeholders’ inputs are used to consolidate Med-IAMER´s final results and to enrich its recommendations, focusing on the sustainability of regional socio-economic activities.

For more information and access to Med-IAMER preliminary results and the factsheets used during the consultation process please visit Med-IAMER’s webpage.

TOURMEDASSETS "Tourism, a great potential for competitiveness for the MED regions"

The Mediterranean area is a major tourist attraction worldwide. Thousands of tourists come to the Mediterranean to enjoy the big tourist attraction offered. Which assets can be stimulated through policy measures topromote tourism sustainable development and growth?

"Tourism is surely one of the major sources of development for the Mediterranean area, but it still is not exploiting all its potentials fully. With the project TOURMEDASSETS we aim to set up an analytical framework in order to identify vulnerable areas and potential areas of development in due time, enabling MED regions to act rapidly and implement effective strategies and create added value for the economy of the territory"

Sinergies have started!

Synergies and cross-fertilization activities between the projects are taking place after they had the opportunity to meet during the Speed-dating organized in the Med Maritime launch event. These practices will definitely enrich the projects results, which will be useful to fulfill the essential idea of the integrated maritime approach call.

The POSEIDON and CAIMANs projectes are co-organizing a workshop -Nov. 24th- on "Air quality in Mediterranean port-cities". Both projects will put together their methodologies and best practices in relation with ship emissions.

The MERMAID and SMARTPORT projects are working together as ports are the main objects of study of both projects. To improve and expand their results will be a share of information and cross-fertilization of their stakeholders and workshop results.

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