COM&CAP MarInA-Med Final Policy Paper

The present Policy Paper presents recommendations gathered throughout the period of implementation of the 13 Med Maritime Projects approved by the last call of proposals of the Med Programme (2007-2013).

This document constitutes the last deliverable of the 14th project approved under this same call — COM&CAP MarInA-Med — a pilot action specifically in charge of the communication and capitalization activities of the other 13 projects “for an Integrated Approach in the Mediterranean.”

Addressing topics ranging from fisheries and aquaculture, blue energies, sustainable maritime transport and ports competitiveness, sustainable maritime and coastal tourism, as well as the environmental pressures exerted by these same drivers in the Mediterranean basin, this paper aims at raising awareness to stakeholders participating in the development of these activities, whether they be policy-makers, research institutions, local and regional authorities, the private sector, or the like on the interrelation these activities have in the Mediterranean.


The Paper and its Annex are available on the following links

>> COM&CAP MarInA-Med Final Policy Paper <<

>> Annex <<

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