5th visit of the port of Piraeus

For their 5th visit, the partners of MERMAID gathered in the port of Piraeus in Greece.

The port of Piraeus is a multi-activity port with cruise, ferry and commercial activities. It also proposes ship repair activity.

It has been certified PERS (Port Environmental Review System) since 2004 and its environmental management system takes into consideration many parameters such as the noise, air quality, energy consumption, the water quality and waste.

Regarding the monitoring system, the port has been controlling the water quality twice per year for ten years in collaboration with the Piraeus University. They have studied until 40 points of measurements in the port and they are now measuring 28 points on the following parameters: microbiological, physical, chemical, hydrocarbon, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and metals.

They also realize acoustic environmental measurements twice per year and noise mapping in the container terminal.

As regards air pollution, they measure BTEX, CO, SOx, NOx, PM10 and O3 since 2009 and 24h/24h in order to measure the impact of the ships and traffic of vehicles

The port of Piraeus is also equipped with a photovoltaic power station and realizes an environmental report every 2 years.

To have more information on the Piraeus port, see: http://www.olp.gr/en/

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